September 1, 2015

Unexpected Muscle Spasm Relief

By Dr. Ward W. Wagner

As we have shown in previous issues, the Calmare MC-5A device is very effective in getting rid of peripheral neuropathy symptoms.  This time, I wanted to give you an example of what types of cases we see at Pain Relief Centers of Utah.

Case History:
Ms. Christine T. is a fifteen year-old female who presented to my office, with her mother, in late September for evaluation and treatment of constant unrelenting neck and arm pain lasting over a year.  Her pain radiated from the left side of her neck down into her left forearm and was complicated by an involuntary rhythmic spasm or “twitch.”  This twitch would cause her entire arm to suddenly and shortly flex every 1.5 seconds.

We ordered a cervical spine MRI to rule out any pinched nerves in the neck, because certain head positions seemed make the problem worse, and I didn’t want to start treating her nerves with Calmare if the pain actually originated in the spine.  Well, the MRI was negative.

I was fairly confident that we were going to be able to help with the neck and arm pain, because at this point, it seemed to be a true neurogenic (nerve origin) problem, but I also let her know that I was unsure as to whether or not it would help the spasms or “twitch.”  As almost an afterthought, I simply indicated that this Calmare therapy wouldn’t hurt or make the problem worse.

She and her mom decided she would try it.  After all, there was nothing to lose.

We took Christine into the Calmare therapy room and used some sticky electrodes to run some soothing, low-voltage current through her arm.

After only a few minutes into her first treatment, she could no longer feel any pain in her neck and arm, and not only that, the “twitching” had completely stopped!  She and her mother were amazed at the drastic improvement.  We continued treating for eight treatments, each lasting about forty-five minutes, and each treatment gave longer and longer symptom relief.  At the end of this eight visit program, she was no longer having any pain or spastic twitches.

She was so happy!  During school and when hanging around her peers, she was always trying to hide her arm and was concerned about what others would think if they saw it twitching.  It was affecting her self-esteem.  Now, she has a whole new demeanor and positive outlook.

We receive numerous referrals from local and national doctors for patients who do not respond to the ‘status quo.’ These people have tried everything to get rid of their agonizing pain but nothing has helped.  If this describes your situation, we may be able to help. Take an hour out of your day and come see for yourself.

I suggest you visit: to learn more and find answers to many of your questions.  Give us a call when you are ready to get rid of your pain, without drugs or surgery.

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